Battle Lines Have Been Drawn – Midland v. Johnson

Posted by NCBRC - January 11, 2017

In a flurry of party and amici briefs, the issue of whether a proof of claim for a stale debt gives rise to an FDCPA claim has been briefed before the Supreme Court. Midland Funding v. Johnson, No. 16-348 (petition filed Sept. 16, 2016). The case is on appeal from the Eleventh Circuit decision that the “Bankruptcy Code does not preclude an FDCPA claim in the context of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy when a debt collector files a proof of claim it knows to be time-barred.” Johnson v. Midland Funding, LLC, C.A. No. 15-11240, 2016 U.S. App. LEXIS 9478 (11th Cir. May 24, 2016). The issue is currently pending in courts around the country including the First, Third, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Circuits. Oral argument is scheduled for January 17.

Johnson ACA Intl amicus
Johnson Brunstad Amicus
Johnson Chamber of Commerce amicus
Johnson DBA intl amicus
Johnson NABT Amicus
Johnson NACBA Amicus SCt Dec 2016
Johnson NARCA amicus
Johnson NCLC etc amicus
Johnson Petition brief
Johnson petition reply
Johnson Reprinted brief of respondent
Johnson Resurgent Capital Amicus
Johnson US amicus


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