Colorado AG Charges Foreclosure Mills with Fraud

Posted by NCBRC - August 13, 2014

Colorado AG’s Consumer Protection Section charged The Castle Law Group, its principals and affiliated foreclosure-related businesses, as well as Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, its principals and affiliated foreclosure-related businesses with violating the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, the Colorado Antitrust Act, and the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  The complaints allege that these law firms, and their principals, conspired to charge fraudulent and inflated costs for posting of two statutorily-mandated notices on the homes of borrower’s facing foreclosure, and used affiliated companies to run up the costs of title products used in the foreclosures. The complaints also allege that these firms improperly and deceptively tacked on additional charges as “costs” for tasks already compensated by the maximum allowable fee paid to the law firm by the investor.

Complaints and the Final Consent Judgment with the Aronowitz defendants are available here.


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