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Proof of Claim Violates Discharge Injunction

An Alabama district court upheld a sanction award for violation of the discharge injunction based on the creditor’s filing a proof of claim in a subsequent bankruptcy. McLean v. Greenpoint Credit (In re McLean), No. 13-925 (M.D. Ala. Sept. 4, 2014).

Canadian Retirement Benefits Excluded from Current Monthly Income

A Treaty between Canada and the United States that became effective in 1984 was the basis for a bankruptcy court finding that Canadian Old Age Security (OAS) benefits should be treated the same way as U.S. social security benefits for purposes of application of the Bankruptcy Code. In re McPhee, No.13-36046 (Bankr. E.D. Va. Aug. […]

Eighth Circuit Joins Sister Courts on Lien Stripping in Chapter 13

Dealing with the issue it side-stepped in Fisette v. Keller (In re Fisette), 695 F.3d 803 (8th Cir. 2012), and joining all other circuit courts to address the issue, the Eighth Circuit held that a wholly unsecured lien may be stripped in chapter 13. Minn. Hous. Fin. Agency v. Schmidt (In re Schmidt), No. 13-2447 […]

Trustee Must Disgorge Fee Collected in Unconfirmed Chapter 13 Plan

Addressing an issue that “has been percolating through the courts,” an Arkansas bankruptcy court found that when a chapter 13 plan is not confirmed, the standing trustee must return to the debtors his percentage fee based on undisbursed payments on that plan. In re Dickens, No. 12-16982 (Bankr. E.D. Ark. July 25, 2014).

Attorney’s “No Money Down” Fee Collection Practice Violates BAPCPA

Two cases out of the Western District of Louisiana found that attorney Glay H. Collier’s fee collection practices violated sections 526, 528, 362 and 524 of the Bankruptcy Code. Wheeler v. Collier (In re Wheeler), No 11-1670 (W.D. La. May 22, 2014) and (July 17, 2014), and Patrick v. Collier (In re Patrick), No. 14-11203 […]

Ocwen’s Errors Force Debtors into Bankruptcy

A Delaware Bankruptcy Judge took on the task of calculating the debtors’ mortgage payment history in the face of erroneous calculations by Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. Judge Shannon found that the debtors were current on their payments when Ocwen initiated foreclosure proceedings and that Ocwen’s errors forced the debtors into bankruptcy to save their home. […]

Bankruptcy Court Takes Compassionate View of Default

The evidence showed that the debtors’ breach of contract and conversion of collateral was not willful and malicious for purposes of nondischargeability under section 523(a)(6). Mountain Am. Credit Union v. Trujillo (In re Trujillo), No. 13-12434, Adv. No. 13-1095 (Bankr. D. N.M. July 3, 2014). 

Debt for Fees Related to Incarceration of Minor Not Dischargeable

A Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit found that debt based on expenses incurred by the county juvenile justice system for the care of the debtor’s son while incarcerated is nondischargeable Rivera v. Orange County Probation Dept. (In re Rivera), No. 13-1476 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. June 4, 2014).

Child Support Properly Deducted from Means Test

The debtor properly excluded $400.00/month in child support payments from her calculation of disposable income despite deducting child care expenses elsewhere on the means test. Clark v. Brooks (In re Brooks), No. 14-1031 (C.D. Ill. July 21, 2014).

Cybersquatting Judgment Results in Nondischargeable Debt

A million-dollar-plus district court judgment against the debtor for intentional trademark infringement and cybersquatting resulted in a nondischargeable debt in bankruptcy under section 523(a)(6). Nguyen v. Biondo (In re Biondo) No. 13-1612 (Bankr. S.D. Fla. June 13, 2014).